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Manufacturer 1800Mbps with -link network wifi wireless router

Manufacturer 1800Mbps with -link network wifi wireless router

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Manufacturer 1200Mbps with d-link wireless cnc router machine


Product Description

EP-AX1800 is Wireless Router can establish 2.4G 600Mbps and 5G 1.2Gbps connections simultaneously for 1.8Gbps of total available bandwidth , can easily support online H-D video playback, 3D games and other high speed applications. 

 * WiFi 6 802.11ax
 * Smart Gigabit Dual Band: 600Mbps with 2.4G 1200Mbps with 5G
 * WiFi speed up to 1800mbps * high-performance built in Antenna
 *Powerful triplem core 1.5GHz 64bit ARM processor
 * Built-in four independent RF FEMs for stronger signal and wider coverage .
 * Support WP5 Key pairing.
 * Brand new WPA3 encryption method, more secure data transmission
 * 256MB flash memory 128 memory* Play 4K, VR and H-D video streams smoothly 
 * Brand new OFDMA and 1024QAM technology. more efficient date transmission 
 * Full gigabit Ethernet port






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